In the Eagle Books series, a young boy, Rain That Dances, and his friends Thunder Cloud, Little Hummingbird, and Simon learn about traditional ways of being healthy from a wise eagle and his animal friends. In the tradition of storytelling to pass on tribal culture and teach life lessons, Mr. Eagle and his friends help others find joy in being active and making healthy food choices as they learn how to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Four Eagle Books were written by Georgia Perez of Nambe Pueblo, New Mexico and illustrated by Patrick Rolo (Bad River Band of Ojibwe, Wisconsin) and Lisa A. Fifield (Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, Black Bear Clan). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT), in collaboration with the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee and the Indian Health Service, supported the development of the books in response to the need for and lack of diabetes prevention materials for Native American children.

About the Eagle Adventure

The Eagle Adventure program is our fun and interactive way to work towards improved health and nutrition of youth. We use the Eagle books in the classroom to teach children and their families how to have healthy, strong bodies and share the vision that type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

Eagle Adventure has had positive responses from across the nation. The team was recognized with the 2016 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Campus Community Partnerships for Health Key Leaders in Health Equity Award and the 2012 Dr. Rodney L. Huey Memorial Champion of Health Award. The Eagle Adventure program has also been presented at many national conferences and agencies. Tribes across the nation have requested program information as a way to prevent type 2 diabetes. More than 3,000 Oklahoma students have participated in the Eagle Adventure since launching in February 2010.